The aim of art is to
represent not the outward
appearance of things,
but their inward significance.
- Aristotle -

For the creation of these pieces of art,
I firstly chose some specific things of
Luciano Minguzzi, most of which are
engraved on the “Door of Good and Evil”.
- Lottas Ilias -

The colors give the feeling that
they are leaving and moving in the
spaces. Create paths leaving imprint
traces in their passage. Their routes
do not consist of a beginning and an
end but also of intermediate stops in
pace , they don’t start somewhere to
reach a destination.
- Gatsiou Eleni -

Instinctive gestures and the fluidity
constantly search the equilibriums
between the figurative and abstract
elements, contained in the familiar
and the unexpected.
- Kouris Platonas -

Human beings, men, women, children,
all placed in the environments they
belong to, in urban or natural
environments, in environments
made of myth and history
- Koutsospirou Marina -

In my artistic attempts, fascinated
by the huge dimensions of the
canvas, I deal with the concept of
the landscapes and how these are
developed through human
interventions and the technological
point of view
- Kalogiros Christos -

Someone is obliged to play
several roles that he/she is
unaware of because he/she
does not know the law that
they are subject to.
- Karamavrou Ioulitta -

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H γκαλερί Braggart εισέρχεται δυναμικά στο σύμπαν της σύγχρονης τέχνης (2021) με στόχο να δημιουργήσει ένα νέο αφήγημα στην ελληνική και διεθνή εικαστική σκηνή με την προώθηση σύγχρονων νέων Ελλήνων καλλιτεχνών μέσω της διαδικτυακής προβολής τους. Φιλοδοξεί να δημιουργήσει νέες αναφορές στην παγκόσμια σκηνή και αγορά σύγχρονης τέχνης διαμορφώνοντας ένα καινούργιο ρεύμα όχι μόνο λόγω της πρωτοποριακής επιλογής έργων τέχνης και εικαστικών προσεγγίσεων αλλά και μέσω της ιδιαίτερης ψηφιακής παρουσίασης των καλλιτεχνών και των έργων τους.

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To be established as a forefront contemporary art gallery of the digital marketplace with our innovative presentation of today's Greek contemporary artists by supporting them and sharing their visionary work with audiences worldwide. 

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To become home to innovative, singular, and pioneering contemporary art exhibitions across a variety of media and genres online and physical and help foster the careers of Greek artists working today. 

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To discover new art, collect and promote it by proposing new talents and curating the best of it in an online art world and building bridges between Greece and the international art scene.


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